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Greek Mountain Tea, also known as Mursalski Tea, has a fascinating history in traditional medicine and culture in the Balkan region. The plant comes from the area below the Mursalitsa mountain in the Rodopi Mountains, Bulgaria. For a long time, this aromatic herb has been used by the people of the Rhodope Mountains for its medicinal properties and to add flavor to various drinks. For centuries, shepherds have drunk the tea to keep warm and stimulated during their walks. The plant's popularity has spread beyond its countries of origin thanks to its unique properties and benefits.

Our seeds come from the unique variety that grows just below the Mursalitsa mountain in Bulgaria and has been drunk by the Rodopi people for centuries.

The Greek Bergsteet has a different taste and effect depending on where it has been grown - even if it is the same species. This is partly due to soil and altitude. Teas from Sideritis scardica can thus be distinguished and, for example, called "Olympus Mountain Tea" if it has been grown on Mt. Olympus in Greece, "Titan Mountain Tea" if grown on Mt. Othrys (Titan Mountain) and "Mursalski Mountain Tea" if grown on Mt. Mursalitsa.

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Trädgårdsdags simply means Gardening Time in Swedish.

Trädgårdsdags is driven by the vision to bring us people closer to the natural that does good to our health. Our way of working towards this is to shed new light on ancient knowledge of cultivation of plants and their useful properties. This knowledge, combined with modern innovation, will make growers' everyday life both easier and even more exciting!

We choose to put our focus on functionality and value the usefulness of the plants in the garden more than the looks - although for the most part, useful plants are also very good looking. Feel free to take part of our valueble seed department to find new useful plants for your garden.

In our seed department you will find many historically well-cultivated plants that have long been used for their good characteristics and which often have a forgotten role in our modern gardens.

All seeds come with a cultivation description and facts about the plant and its areas of use.

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