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Hydroponics: Kitchen garden without soil

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Hydroponics is a growing trend among growers, especially in cities. It is a form of cultivation that suits many because you cultivate without soil - only with water and nutrients - and therefore particularly suitable for those who do not have their own plot of land but still want to grow their own food. It's a cultivation that doesn't require a lot of space or maintenance, plus you have your fresh spices or vegetables close at hand when you're cooking.

In this guide, you will learn everything about how to go about growing in water, what systems are available and how you can build them yourself. It provides answers to questions such as: Is it just as useful? Does it taste as good? Is hydroponics organic? Which vegetables work best?

If you feel like going in depth, there is a section for the advanced grower, where you will learn all about different types of light and nutrition.

Hydroponic cultivation works both indoors and outdoors, on balconies and patios. You can grow basically anything: herbs, lettuce, berries, tomatoes, chillies or vegetables such as squash, cucumber, beans, peas and cabbage.

Media type Bound
Publishers Norstedts Publishing
Released 20190118
Page count 148
Language Swedish
EAN 9789113088655
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