Just nu har vi väldigt högt tryck på beställningar, så leveranstider kan vara något längre än normalt. 

Vi har regelbundna kampanjer på vår Plantavdelning under våren!

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About & Contact

Founder: Johannes Billsten
Studied Horticulture at
Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences

Trädgårdsdags is a Swedish company that is driven by the vision to make the everyday life of growers a little more exciting & a little easier.  We believe in innovative solutions that make work easier and make your time in the garden even more enjoyable.

We are particularly pleased to be able to offer you a completely unique one assortment of seeds that can be cultivated in Sweden, but which usually have not received enough attention in our homes & gardens! Many seeds in the range are old cultivated plants, which man has cultivated and used for their good properties for several thousand years. There may be some forgotten knowledge in the usefulness of the plants that grow around us. Culinary as well as medical and purely functional areas of use. That knowledge is something Trädgårdsdags wants to help shed light on again.

It is part of the vision to make the path between what we consume and ourselves shorter. As the world's need for food grows, the area to grow on also decreases. This leads to a need for new solutions. Through a combination of ancient knowledge, traditional techniques and modern innovation, we want to drive development in the right direction.

All seeds are germination tested and of high quality.

The majority of the photos on the page are taken by and belong to Trädgårdsdags.

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