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Tamarix / Salt Cedar 80-100 cm (Tamarix tetrandra)

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1 Tamarix Tree: 2 years old - current height 80-100 cm

Common names: Tamarix, Salt Cedar
Scientific name:
Tamarix tetrandra
Family: Tamaricaceae

Plant history & use:

The tamarisk is a graceful deciduous tree with long, flexible branches that are filled with plumes of pale pink flowers - on bare branches - in late spring. The flowers then change to olive green small, scaly leaves.

The tamarisk is known for its ability to absorb and concentrate salts in its plant parts. This is useful where you have an outlet for gray water. Gray water is the water that comes out when we clean used water from our kitchens and bathrooms - e.g. dishwashers, washing machines, showers, etc. When this water is purified, various salts are often left behind, which are carried out into the runoff. It is in these outlets that plants such as the Praktamarisken are planted, which seems to be one of the most efficient plants precisely at taking up salt from the ground it grows in. Inability to take up excess salts in the soil can result in problems for surrounding plants, then it affects their natural ability to absorb water via osmosis.

You can also grow the Praktamarisken as a shrub. If you don't shape it into a tree by pruning, it usually achieves the structure of a bush on its own.

Suitable for growing in mixed hedges as it creates an eye-catching impression with its clear, light pink shades that lift the entire hedge.

The branches are used to weave baskets.

Diligent in attracting pollinators.


Thrives best in an open, sunny position in a well-drained soil. Preferably loamy and slightly sandy. Tolerant of most soils. Dislikes shallow and calcareous soils.

Hardy in coastal climates.

Flowers on bare twigs in late spring - the flowers are then replaced by small olive green leaves.


Age: Perennial
Plant position: sun
Height: 2-4 m
Growing zone: 1-3