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The forest garden: Grow edibles everywhere

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Garden Book of the Year 2018

Do you dream of a flamboyant garden, bursting with healthy vegetables and goodies from early spring to late autumn? A garden where you can hear birds chirping and insects buzzing, a garden that only gets more fertile, more beautiful and more self-sustaining every year? A good-for-the-planet garden that captures, stores and transforms lots of carbon dioxide into fertile soil teeming with life?

That dream can come true if you dare to venture into the world of forest gardening! A forest garden is a garden or cultivation where you take inspiration from the forest to produce food and useful plants in nature's own way. You can actually say that you are creating your own ecosystem! It's much more fun, easier and more efficient than constantly fighting back with lawnmowers, environmental toxins and weeding.

This book gives you, in a simple and easy-to-understand way, everything you need to become a forest gardener. It contains plant portraits of over 350 hardy nut and fruit trees, berry bushes, climbers, perennial vegetables, ground covers and other supportive plants that help your favorite plants thrive. In the book you will also find, among many other things, information on how to find the right place for your forest garden, what you need to do to get strong, independent plants, how to attract useful helpers and how to best take care of the harvest . With its over 800 references to books, reports and research on the subject, the book stands on a solid scientific basis and makes it easy for the reader who wants to delve further into this exciting cultivation technique.

Skogsträdgården is written by Philipp Weiss, the author behind Skogsträdgårdsblog, and Annevi Sjöberg, environmental scientist with a burning heart for ecology and all forms of berries. The authors have many years of experience in forest horticulture and hold popular courses on the subject. They have created about ten forest gardens around the country, and wrote the acclaimed book "Perennial vegetables: discover, grow, enjoy" which was nominated for the Garden Book of the Year 2016. Then as now, Daniel Larsson, who runs the cooperative farm Mylla on a daily basis, is responsible for the design.

Publishers Hälsingbo Forest Garden HB
Released 20180520
Page count 464
Language Swedish
287 x 225 x 43 mm
Weight 2056 g