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Stevia / Candyleaf Plant 30-40 cm (Stevia rebaudiana)

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1 Stevia plant: 2 years old - current height 30-40 cm

Common names: Stevia, Sötflokel, Sugar plant
Scientific name:
Stevia rebaudiana
Family: Asteraceae

Plant history & use:

Stevia has been used for centuries for its sweetening properties, i.a. in South America to sweeten teas. The plant's sweetness comes from the substances stevioside and rebaudioside and is approximately 200 times sweeter than regular sugar.

The leaves are used either fresh or dried, powdered or in liquid form.

Suitable for sweetening teas and pastries. Or as a snack.


Stevia is a perennial, heat-loving herb that grows to around 60 cm tall. Grows preferably bright and moist in well-drained soil. For year-round harvesting, the plant is overwintered frost-free.

It is said that one should harvest the leaves early in the morning to obtain the highest possible glycoside content in the leaves.


Age: Perennial
Plant position: sun
Height: 60 cm
Germination time: 10-30 days