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Pecan Tree (Carya illinoinensis)

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1 Pecan Tree: 2 years old - current height: 40 cm

Pecan tree seedling with strong root system.

The plant is sent safely and securely packed with shock-absorbing packaging. The plant is delivered without a pot.

Note. that trees ordered during the winter months lack foliage.

2 trees are recommended for good pollination.

Common names : Pecan tree, Pekan hickory, Pekan nut, Pekan
Scientific name : Carya illinoinensis
Family : Juglandaceae

Plant history & use :

The pecan, with an antioxidant content higher than any other so-called "tree nut", is one of the most popular nuts on the market. The pecan tree originates from North America where the USA and Mexico together account for over 90% of global pecan production. The nut is similar to the continental walnut, but is more oblong and has a smooth shell and a completely different aroma.

The pecan contains abundant amounts of minerals such as zinc, magnesium, calcium and iron as well as Omega-6 fats.

The nuts contain monounsaturated fats and its well-known benefits for good health are many.

Pecans can, for example, be used to make a crispy cover for oven-roasted fillets, fill oven-baked peppers with, spice up a salad, sprinkle on ice cream or simply eat as is. A handful of nuts per day is the recommended daily intake.

Cultivation :

The pecan tree grows in its natural environment along stream and river banks where the tree can extend its roots deep into the soil. In their natural habitat, pecan trees often eventually become the tallest and largest trees in the area. They can reach an age of up to 300 years.

Thrives best in sunny locations in a light sandy soil with good drainage. Planted in a deep pot the first few years or directly into the ground. Plenty of room for the roots to reach deep is important to create a strong and healthy tree.

Mix compost or stable manure into the top soil layer. Cover the base of the trunk with some type of covering material, such as wood chips or grass clippings, to prevent the emergence of weeds and thus competition for the newly established tree.

Plant trees at least 15 meters apart, to give space for their natural growth.

Water abundantly the first years of establishment.

The tree is ready for harvest after 3-8 years.

Nuts ripen in late autumn. Harvest when the tree has spontaneously let the nuts fall to the ground.

Properties :

Age: Perennial
Plant position: sun
Height: 20-40 m
Growing zone: approx. 1-7
Harvest age: 3-8 years