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Strawberry Raspberry Plant 20-40 cm (Rubus illecebrosus)

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1 plant Strawberry Raspberry: 2 years old - ready to flower = bear fruit

Current height 20-40 cm

Common names: Strawberry Raspberry, Balloon Berry
Scientific name: Rubus illecebrosus
Family: Rosaceae

Plant history & use:

The strawberry raspberry originates from Japan and is part of the same genus as our common raspberry ( Rubus idaeus ), but has an appearance similar to a strawberry.

The taste is reminiscent of the mulberry. Suitable for making jam. You can also eat the berries as they are. However, the berries are considered to develop more flavor when cooked.


Lightly cultivated. Thrives in a sunny location. Grows well in most soils, but if you want a good harvest, a nutrient-rich soil should be used.

Spreads easily via root shoots and forms a ground-covering habit.



Age: Perennial
Plant position: sun/part shade
Height: 50-100 cm
Growing zone: 1-5