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Yellow Goji Berry / Yellow Wolfberry (Lycium barbarum)

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SEEDS (10pcs/bag)

Common name: Yellow Goji Berry, Yellow Wolfberry, Yellow Boxthorn / Matrimony Vine
Scientific name:
Lycium barbarum
Family: Solanaceae

Plant history & use:

Yellow Goji Berry belongs to the same genus as the red and black goji berry and, like its relatives, is a highly nutritious berry - especially rich in vitamins and proteins. Unlike the red goji berry, yellow goji berries contain no bitter substances and also have a lower sugar content.

Yellow Goji Berries can be eaten raw as they are, mixed in a salad or dried to add as a topping to granola/cereals/müsli or baked goods. You can also simply make an infusion from them, similar to that of the black goji berry infusion.

Both yellow and black goji berries are relatively uncommon in Europe so far, so here is the chance to have something unusual and useful in your garden!


Yellow Goji is a hardy shrub that can withstand many sub zero degrees and is fit for outdoor cultivation in all of Europe, even in the far north. It can be grown in the open field or in a pot. The Goji shrub grows well in both sandy and clayey soils - and everything in between, as long as the soil is well drained. It thrives in sunny locations and is relatively insensitive to drought, wind and salts.

The Goji bush has a strong root system which binds the soil effectively. Its hardy properties make it a suitable plant in maritime coastal climates with a lot of wind. Can be planted along the border of beaches to bind the sand and protect against wind.

Yellow Goji is a grateful plant that does not require much care.

The bush grows to 1-3 meters. Give the bush something to climb/grow against and it will grow faster.


The seeds are sown in moist soil. Cover with a thin layer of soil. Keep the soil moist.


Lifespan: Perennial
Location: Sun
Height: 1-3 m
Germination Time: 1-3 weeks
USDA Zone: 6-9