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Greek Mountain Tea / Mursalski Tea (Sideritis scardica)

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SEEDS (20pcs/bag)

Common Names: Greek Mountain Tea, Mursalski Tea, Ironwort, Shepherd's Tea, Mursalski Trigradski Tea
Scientific name: Sideritis scardica
Family: Lamiaceae

Plant history & use:

Greek Mountain Tea, also known as Mursalski tea, has a fascinating history in traditional medicine and culture in the Balkan region. The plant comes from the area below the Mursalitsa mountain in the Rodopi Mountains, Bulgaria. For a long time, this aromatic herb has been used by the people of the Rhodope Mountains for its medicinal properties and to add flavor to various drinks. For centuries, shepherds have drunk the tea to keep warm and stimulated during their walks. The plant's popularity has spread beyond its countries of origin thanks to its unique properties and benefits.

Among the most valuable properties of Greek Mountain Tea we find its medicinal value. It has traditionally been used to relieve indigestion and has anti-inflammatory properties that can help reduce inflammation and pain. Its aromatic leaves are used to make teas and drinks that provide a refreshing and spicy taste experience.

Most of the genus Wound mints ( Sideritis ) are called "Bergste", of which the majority of the varieties are specifically called Greek Bergste, although not all varieties originate from Greece. As described above, these seeds are from the unique variety that grows just below the Mursalitsa mountain in Bulgaria and has been drunk by the Rhodopian people for centuries.

The tea has a different taste and effect depending on where it has been grown - even if it is the same species. This is partly due to soil and altitude. Teas from Sideritis scardica can thus be distinguished and, for example, called "Olympus Mountain Tea" if it has been grown on Mt. Olympus in Greece, "Titan Mountain Tea" if grown on Mt. Othrys (Titan Mountain) and "Mursalski Mountain Tea" if grown on Mt. Mursalitsa.


Grekiskt Bergste thrives best in sunny locations and well-drained soil. This perennial herb loves warmth and is very drought tolerant once established. For best results, the plant is overwintered frost-free. But it can survive the winter outdoors in favorable conditions zone 1-2.

To obtain the highest possible content of bioactive compounds in the leaves, harvesting early in the morning is recommended.


Sow the seeds in moist soil and cover only with a thin layer of soil. Cover the seed with plastic with small air holes. Keep the seed moist. Germination usually occurs within 10 days.


Lifespan: Perennial
Location: Sun
Height: 40 cm
Germination Time: 5-14 days