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Perennial Vegetables: Discover, Grow, Enjoy

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Get to know the exciting vegetables that come back year after year! Asparagus, rhubarb and horseradish are well-known perennial favorites in the kitchen garden – but have you heard of broad beans, lungwort and ostrich fern?

Nominated for Garden Book of the Year 2016

The book presents around 60 perennial vegetables that have been carefully selected by the authors to suit our northern climate. They are easier to care for and have a higher nutritional content than regular vegetables. In addition, they can be harvested from early spring to late fall without the need to water, fertilize or weed very often.

The book is the first of its kind in Swedish and contains everything you need to know to get started growing the perennial vegetables. Exciting recipes such as daylily flower soup, pickled ostrich fern and lactic acid perennial leafy vegetables provide inspiration to explore the new flavors. The book's content is seasoned with tips on nurseries, seed companies and food-useful tables of the plants' properties and nutritional values.

You will get a lot of enjoyment from this book, whether you are a curious vegetable grower, enjoy growing flowering perennials, or have a natural garden that you want to brighten up with easy-care edible plants!

With a foreword by Lena Israelsson.

About the authors:

Philip Weiss is a civil engineer and certified permaculture designer. He grows nearly 100 different species of perennial vegetables and even more edible trees and shrubs. He started growing perennial vegetables in 2007 and finds it more enjoyable every year. Philipp has a 7000 sq.m. perennial display garden with an attached small nursery and regularly teaches horticulture and permaculture.

Annevi Sjöberg love to grow, especially the plants that benefit both humans and insects in the garden. She is a trained environmental scientist and environmental engineer, and after working for a couple of years with community engagement around environmental issues within the aid sector, she currently teaches cultivation, biodiversity and permaculture.

Daniel Larsson is a graphic designer who became a farmer and today runs a cooperative farm called Mylla in Näshulta, Sörmland, which supplies the residents of the area with fine vegetables during the harvest season. Although it is largely about "one-year-olds", the plan is to gradually increase the proportion of perennial vegetables in the farms.

Publishers Hälsingbo Forest Garden HB
Released 20160415
Page count 221
Language Swedish
240 x 170 x 14 mm
Weight 572 g