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'A Purple Trio' Goa Bean, Chili & Thai Eggplant

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A trio of 3 different seed varieties with purple-colored, edible fruits!

What gives the fruits their purple color are substances called anthocyanins. Anthocyanins are so-called antioxidants that prevent and repair the body in case of oxidative stress that can occur during periods of stress or infections, for example.

Of course, the fruits also contain other nutrients that are important for good health. The goa bean has, among other things, a high protein content; The chili pepper, capsaicin, which helps reduce inflammation, and the Thai aubergine is a rich source of vitamins A, B and C, among other things.

Take part in a colorful trio and grow at the same time for good health - which of course all edible vegetables contribute to in one way or another.

A total of 35 seeds of 3 varieties:

5 seeds Purple Goa bean
10 seeds Purple Chili Pepper 'Purple Thai'
20 seeds Purple Thai Eggplant

Read more about each variety here: