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Asimina / Paw Paw Tree 20-40 cm (Asimina triloba)

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1st PLANT: 2 years old - current height: 20 cm

Seed-sown Asimina plant with strong root system.

The plant is sent safely and securely packed with shock-absorbing packaging. The plant is delivered without a pot.

Note. that trees ordered during the winter months lack foliage.

The trees are easily self-fertile but 2 trees are recommended for good pollination.

Common names : Asimina, Paw paw
Scientific name : Asimina triloba
Family : Annonaceae

Plant history & use :

Asimina is one of the most tropical-like fruits that can grow in our Nordic climate. The taste is reminiscent of a mixture of banana and mango and the texture is similar to papaya or a perfectly ripe avocado. The fruit looks like a small green mango with golden yellow flesh.

The fruits are usually eaten as they are but can also be used to enrich refreshing drinks, pastries and cocktails with their mild tropical taste. The fruits are rich in vitamins such as riboflavins and B-6. You can also use the fruits to make ice cream.

Cultivation :

Asimina originates from and grows naturally in North America, often as undergrowth under larger trees.

They thrive in humus-rich, nutrient-rich and slightly moist well-drained soils.

Asimina thrives in sheltered locations and therefore likes to grow under larger trees and also like to stand close together (approx. 1 m apart) in full grown size. This protects against wind and direct sunlight and facilitates pollination. East facing is a suitable place to plant Asimina. Plants that grow in exposed locations do significantly worse than plants that grow in protected locations.

Water abundantly or plant in a place with good water supply.

Asiminan puts a lot of energy into developing a strong root system in the beginning - the root can often be thicker than the trunk in the first months. When growing in pots, a tip is to plant in deep pots directly, this gives the opportunity for more efficient root development and you avoid disturbing the plant before it has grown.

In open ground, Asiminan grows into a dense thicket by spreading via root shoots.


Age: Perennial
Location: partial shade
Height: 1-10 m
USDA zone: 1-8
Harvest age: 3-7 years