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African Cabbage / Spiderwisp (Cleome gynandra)

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SEEDS (50pcs/bag)

Common Names: African Cabbage, Spiderwisp, Shona Cabbage, African Cabbage, African Spider Flower
Scientific name: Cleome gynandra
Family: Cleomaceae 

SEEDS (50pcs/bag)
Common name: Spiderwisp, African cabbage, Shona cabbage, African Spider Flower, Cat's whiskers, Chinsaga, Maman, Stinkweed
Scientific name: Cleome gynandra
Family: Cleomaceae

Plant history & use:

Leaves and shoots are used for stuffing/pickling and eaten as a side dish. They can also be cooked and eaten like spinach or added to stews.

The whole plant is rich in vitamins and above-ground plant parts have a peppery, mustard-like taste.

Ground seeds can be used as a substitute for mustard.

Also grown in conjunction with other crops for its pest repelling properties.

Liquid from leaves and roots is used to relieve earaches etc.


Thrives best in an airy, well-drained and nutrient-rich soil in warm and sunny locations.

African Cabbage is drought tolerant but thrives best in moist soils.


Sow directly outdoors when the risk of frost is over, alternatively pre-cultivate indoors early in the year. Cover the seeds with a very thin layer of soil.


Duration: One year
Plant position: sun / partial shade
Height: 60 cm
Germination time: 5-14 days