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Perennials (perennial plants)

Here you will find perennial, useful plants that do not need to be reseeded year after year.

The advantage of perennial crops, apart from the time and labor saved on sowing, is that the land you grow on is left more undisturbed and thus has time to return to its naturally balanced stage. Perennial crops also bind more carbon dioxide in the soil and thus reduce carbon dioxide emissions from cultivation-related activity.

Perennial crops are more competitive against weeds (which are usually annuals) and less sensitive to drought thanks to their better developed root systems. Perennial crops take better care of nutrients as the ground is always covered and thus reduces soil leaching. The more profound root system gives the perennial crops better conditions for taking advantage of available nutrients in the lower soils, which makes them less sensitive to nutrient deficiencies while contributing to an increased circulation of nutrients between the different soil layers. Likewise, the long-lived perennials' root systems protect against erosion as the roots help to keep the soil in place - this is particularly clear in, for example, upland plantations where the ground slopes.

If you build up a crop of more perennials, you'll eventually be left with a garden that more or less takes care of itself. The idea is to replace potential weeds with useful plants of a similar nature. Be aware of the difference between the root depth of different plants and cover the ground with your own plant choices without the risk of exposing the plants to fierce competition. A tip is also to cover the ground with wood chips - then the organic material in the ground builds up while you decide what you want to grow, while weed growth is inhibited.