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Seeds in need of stratification

There are certain seeds that do well with a cold period before sowing - some can be sown directly outdoors in the autumn to germinate in the spring and some can be put in the fridge for a while and then sown a couple of weeks/months later. The latter method is called stratification .

Stratification period varies from plant to plant and is usually based on what the circumstances in their natural plant environment look like.

So you can simply continue to dabble in cultivation even after the main growing season is over. Prepare seeds for the plants you wish to grow in the spring so you can give them as much time to grow as possible!

If you also have equipment such as plant lighting indoors, you can continue to grow without interruption, almost as usual!

Below you will find seeds that do best with some type of cold period before they germinate. Scroll down to the heading" Sowing " on the respective plant page for instructions on how the seeds should be prepared