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Somborka pepper / Somborckina (Capsicum annuum var. grossum)

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SEEDS (20pcs/bag)

Common name: Somborka paprika, Somborckina
Scientific name: Capsicum annuum var. gross
Family: Solanaceae 

Plant history & use:

Somborka is a pepper that originates from the Balkan region of Europe. Some of its most distinguishing characteristics are that it has a thick flesh while having a heat that is about halfway to a "regular" chili. You can therefore say that it is a meaty pepper with heat.

Perfect for embedding. Pickled Somborka provides a sour but hot addition as a side dish and is suitable to be eaten together with a lot of dishes.

You can also fill the Somborkan with, for example, rice, minced meat and other optional ingredients to cook in the oven.

Both of these methods are common applications in Balkan cuisine.


Thrives in sunny, warm and sheltered locations. Best grown in greenhouses.

More durable than regular paprika and chili.


Pre-cultivated indoors at the beginning of the year or sown outdoors when the risk of frost is over.

Moisten the seed soil and only lightly press the seeds down against the surface. Place bright and keep the seed moist.


Duration: One year
Plant position: sun
Height: 60 cm
Germination time: 5-14 days