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Toothache Plant / Szechuan Buttons 20-40 cm (Acmella oleracea)

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1 plant Paracress from year 2023 - current height: 20-40 cm

Seed-sown plant with strong root system, grown in Swedish climate

The plant is sent safely and securely packed with shock-absorbing packaging.

Common names : Paracress, Toothache plant, Jambu, Electric Daisy, Szechuan Buttons 
Scientific name : Acmella oleracea
Family : Asteraceae

Plant history & use :

This unique plant has electrical & anesthetic properties. Gourmet chefs around the world crumble a couple of the flower's stamens into the food to give the guest a unique sensation. It starts with a faint electric "touch" that turns into a pretty numbing feeling. The feeling can be compared to that which the Sichuan pepper evokes. That is why the flower buds are sometimes called "Sichuan buttons".

Fresh leaves are used both today and historically to relieve toothache by chewing them. This is thanks to the numbing and antibacterial properties of the leaves. Chewing the leaves also gives a refreshing feeling and counteracts dry mouth.

Historically, the leaves have been chewed on to relieve throat & palate infections.

Thanks to paracrass's muscle-relaxing properties, the plant is also used in natural anti-wrinkle agents and is sometimes called "nature's botox".

The whole plant is edible.

The flower buds can be used as a topping in everything from drinks, to pasta & fish dishes - creativity sets the limits. The leaves are used in salads and stews.

Paracress is effective when it comes to attracting pollinators.

Cultivation :

In the wild, paracress grows in somewhat warmer climates, often in moist soils. However, the plant can withstand periods of drought.

In Sweden, it is best grown in a pot, either indoors or outdoors. Overwinter frost-free. Placed in sun or partial shade.

Thrives best in well-drained, loamy soil. Potting soil works great.

Grows quickly into a winding shrub. If sown in March, the plant blooms already at the end of June.

Properties :

Age: Perennial
Plant position: sun/part shade
Height: 30 cm