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Papaya 'HOLLAND' Tree 30-50 cm (Carica papaya)

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1 Papaya tree of the variety 'HOLLAND': 1 year old - current height: 30-50 cm

Seedling, grown in Sweden

The plant is sent safely and securely packed with shock-absorbing packaging.

Common name: Papaya 'HOLLAND'
Scientific name: C arica papaya
Family: C aricaceae 

Plant history & use:

The papaya variety 'HOLLAND' is known as one of the tastiest and sweetest varieties of papaya. It has a red, juicy pulp inside and a mild, balanced taste

Papaya is a fruit that originates in Central America and the Caribbean. It has a sweet and fruity taste and a soft and juicy texture. Papaya usually grows in warm climates and is one of the most cultivated fruits in tropical countries. Papaya has a unique flavor reminiscent of a mix of melon and passion fruit.

Papaya is most often eaten as a fruit salad or as part of smoothies and fruit juices. You can also make a salad by grating the green unripe fruits, like carrots. The papaya fruit also contains high levels of vitamin C, folate and the antioxidant beta-carotene.

The papaya tree has an almost cress-like aroma that can be found in almost all parts of the plant - leaves, stem, skin and seeds as well as the unripe fruits. One could almost believe that it is a large cress plant with fruit. However, the taste is not noticeable in the fully ripe fruits.

Papaya and its plant parts have long been used in traditional medicine for a variety of purposes. The seeds from papaya have been used for digestive problems and the sap from the tree has been used to treat infections caused by parasites thanks to its antiparasitic properties. The sap from papaya has also been used as an anesthetic .


The papaya tree is one of the fastest growing fruit trees in its natural tropical environment, bearing fruit as early as 4-6 months after planting. The papaya tree thrives best in warm, humid environments.

In Sweden, the climate is not as permissive, but when grown in a greenhouse and thanks to papaya's fast-growing properties, it is probably the easiest tropical fruit to harvest within a short period of 1-2 years.

Use a well-drained soil with a high level of organic matter. Give plenty of water when fruiting. Fertilizer is recommended as early as 4-6 weeks after the seed has germinated.


Age: Perennial
Plant position: sun
Height: 2-10 meters
Germination time: 2-6 weeks