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Growing Zones - European, Global & Swedish USDA Zones

USDA-Zones for all Europe

To our knowledge, there is no live map showing USDA-Zones for all of Europe to this day. But there are some classic maps - the maps below are the ones we think present the information in the clearest way. The data the maps are based on may not be from last year but it gives a good overview of how the zones are distributed.

USDA-Zones for the whole world

Nor is there a live map for global USDA zones. But, if you want to get an overview of how the growing zones are located around the world, measured by the USDA method, you can take a look at the picture below.

As in the case with the European map, this map is not based on the very latest data, but it provides you with an overview.

Growing Zones in Sweden

Since we are an organisation with Swedish origin, we have included the secluded USDA-Zones for Sweden as well as the original Swedish growing zone measurement created and maintained by Riksförbundet Svensk Trädgård.

The maps provided below are live maps. Click the links provided to view.

USDA-Zones for Sweden

The international zoning for cultivation that is often seen is based on the "USDA Hardiness Zone Map".

According to this system, Sweden is covered by USDA zones 2a to 8b. Here, the lower numbers - in contrast to the original Swedish system - are the coldest zones. Zone 2a is therefore coldest, while zone 8b marks the warmest regions.

If you are aspiring to translate the two systems to each other, you can think that our Swedish zone 1 represents USDA zone 8-7, from there you gradually go down on USDA zones while you go up in the numbers of the Swedish zones to find the respective counterpart. However, the two systems do not measure & divide their zones with the same methods, so a completely accurate translation is not possible. It's better to look up your location of interest on a USDA-Zone map instead. See link to the live map below:

Sweden Plant Hardiness Zone Map

USDA-zones Sweden (USDA-zones Sweden)

The Original Swedish Zone Measurement

According to the Swedish standard, there are 8 different growing zones in Sweden: zone 1 is the warmest with a gradual transition to the coldest zone 8.

To see the full version of the Swedish growing zone map, produced and maintained by Riksförbundet Svensk Trädgård, see the link below to their digital zone map:

Riksförbundet Svensk Trädgård's digital zone map

Riksförbundet Swedish Garden's Digital Zone Map