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Edible Trees: 50 Top Trees From Plants For A Future

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A detailed look at 50 of our top trees including their edible and medicinal properties, physical characteristics, cultivation and propagation.

When we think of edible trees we tend to focus on a few common varieties that give us fruit. However, many excellent less well-known trees can produce edible flowers, oil, seed, nuts, leaves, sap and bark as well as fruit. Many also have important medicinal applications. We also identify other uses of products derived from these trees, including fibres for clothes, rope and paper, oils for lubricants, fuels, water proofing and wood preservatives, dyes, construction materials, and more. In this book we describe 50 of our favourite edible trees, each one illustrated and arranged alphabetically by common name. Complementing the images is a physical description of each species, and information on their origin, growth-habit, preferred hardiness zone, edible and medicinal ratings, known hazards, weed potential, propagation, care and cultivation.

Förlag Createspace Independent Publishing Platform
Utgiven 2013-11-12
Sidantal 82
Språk Engelska
216 x 5 x 279 mm
Vikt 287 g