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Noni (Morinda citrifolia)

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Common names: Noni, Indian Mulberry, Indian Svovltræ
Scientific name: Morinda citrifolia
Family: Rubiaceae 

Plant history & use:

The noni tree is mainly known as a medicinal plant. The plant originates from Southeast Asia but has spread across the Pacific region via ancient Polynesian sailors.

Various parts of the plant, such as fruit, leaves, roots and rhizome have been used in traditional Polynesian medicine for over 2000 years. The fruit is also rich in antioxidants and is considered to strengthen the immune system.

Noni juice is a popular product on the market thanks to its reputed health benefits.

The fruit has a very mild taste before it reaches full maturity and is eaten in Asia & Polynesia either raw with salt, as an addition to salads or cooked in various curries. The leaves are also added to various curries prepared with coconut milk. Roasted seeds can be eaten as is. You can also press fresh seeds to extract oil.

During times of famine, Nonin's various plant parts are often eaten as a staple food as it grows luxuriantly in its natural environment. For this reason, Noni is sometimes referred to as "starvation food".

Natural dyes are also extracted from the plant. The bark from the trunk is used in Java to make batik. In Hawaii, yellow dyes from the root are used to dye clothes.


Use a well-drained and loamy soil. Fertilize with compost.

Able to grow in both sun and partial shade.

Drought resistant when the plant is well rooted.

Cultivated as "edible hedge" in its natural environment.

Harvest fruits when soft and white.


Soak the seeds 1 day in advance. Sow in moist soil and preferably cover the seed with plastic with small air holes in it to maintain even moisture.


Age: Perennial
Plant position: sun / partial shade
Height: 3-6 meters
Germination time: 4-6 weeks