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Trädgårdstofflor | Alg-Tofflor KOSMIK strl 36-46

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Resultatet av 2 års forskning och utveckling är KOSMIK - den första hållbara tofflan helt tillverkad av alger! Känslan av tyngdlöshet och inspirerad av månen, är denna toffla ultralätt, den kommer att vara din vardagsvän både inne och utomhus.

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Clog made of EVA and BLOOM, an algae-based mixture that improves the durability of the product. By removing toxic algae from the aquatic environment, it reduces the amount of synthetic materials used in manufacturing and cleans up water and air.


The shoe is made of EVA Light + which is very lightweight, only 135g for a size 41.


The strap at the rear of the clog provides good support for the foot. Thanks to the EVA Light + technology, millions of air bubbles are found in this model for better cushioning and comfort when you walk.


The shoe is easy to put on, quick to take off and easy to wash. 


The first ultra-lightweight clog made from algae! The story of KOSMIK began with a need: the desire to create a comfortable, practical, lightweight and eco-friendly model. Thus, KOSMIK has the particularity of being composed of EVA and BLOOM. BLOOM is a mixture based on algae extracted and then dried to form a resin that improves the quality of the product. BLOOM reduces the amount of synthetic materials used in production, cleans the oceans and releases less CO2. Just to be a little closer to the stars, KOSMIK is inspired by the moon. With its powdery texture, crater-shaped holes, weight and nod to Neil Armstrong on the underside of the pair, KOSMIK transports you. You, as well, have a place on the KOSMIK spaceship!


Lightweight EVA Light +
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