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Yardlong Bean 'Yard Long' / Asparagus bean (Vigna sesquipedalis)

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Common names : Long bean, Asparagus bean, Meter bean, Snake Bean, Bodi
Scientific name : Vigna unguiculata subsp. sesquipedalis
Family : Fabaceae

Plant history & use :

Grown for its edible long beans. The beans are crunchy, string-free and have a slightly nutty taste. The name comes from the length of the beans, which is often around 40-75 cm.

Usually used and prepared in a similar way to green beans - that is, the bean pods are harvested in an unripe stage to be cooked or eaten raw. Long beans are very good to eat raw, unlike many other broad beans.

You can also leave the bean pods on the plant until they have reached full maturity and cook the dry beans inside the pod in the same way as, for example, kidney beans.

Long beans should be eaten raw alongside other dishes, cooked in woks, pots or made into a salad. A popular example is in papaya salad (Som Tam) where the raw beans are cut into 2-3 cm long pieces and mixed with the grated papaya and other ingredients.

Cultivation :

Thrives in heat & direct sun, prefers high humidity but it is not a requirement. Relatively drought tolerant once the plant is established. Can be grown both outdoors and in greenhouses.

Use an airy and well-drained soil. Can you give it a soil with a slightly acidic pH value (5.5-7.5) it is an advantage.

As a pea plant, the long bean fixes its own nitrogen in the soil and does not necessarily need to be given any additional fertilization.

The long bean is a so-called sturgeon and has a climbing habit. Feel free to give it some space and something to climb on for vigorous growth and fruiting. When the adult stage is reached and the temperature is around 27-32 °C, the long bean grows vigorously and produces abundantly.

Feel free to prune tops of side shoots for an abundant harvest.

Harvested 2-3 months after germination.

Flowers vary from pink to lavender.

Sowing :

Can be sown directly outdoors / in a greenhouse when the soil temperature has reached above 15 °C. Alternatively, pre-cultivate indoors for planting out in late spring. Keep seed moist.

Properties :

Duration: One year
Plant position: sun
Height: 125-200 cm
Germination time: 1-2 weeks