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Natal Plum (Carissa macrocarpa)

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SEEDS (6pcs/bag)

Common Names: Natal Plum, Amathungulu, Large Num-Num
Scientific name: Carissa macrocarpa (syn. C. grandiflora )
Family: Apocynaceae 

Plant history & use:

The Natal plum is a fascinating shrub with its roots in subtropical regions. It is a shrub that charms with its beautiful white flowers and entices with its red, juicy fruits. The tree has received its Swedish trivial name "Natalplommon" due to its origin in the Natal region of South Africa.

The natal plum is not only a beautiful shrub but also offers a range of uses. Its red fruits are edible and have a sweet and juicy taste. These fruits can be eaten directly or used in jams, marmalades and other delicious desserts. In addition, they are used in traditional medicine for their potential health benefits.

The interesting shrub also has the ability to contribute to the surrounding environment. Its deep roots help improve soil structure and can help keep erosion-prone areas in check. Its flowering also attracts pollinating insects and is a welcome feature for biodiversity.

Natal plums bloom and bear fruit for a large part of the season. The fruits are filled with vitamin C.

Suitable for growing as an edible hedge in sunny and favorable places.


Natal plums thrive best in a warm and sunny environment with good drainage. It also copes with semi-shady and shady locations. It is a relatively hardy tree and can survive short periods of drought. It can also handle a couple of minus degrees, so cultivation in the ground with winter cover in warmer parts of the country can work. Alternatively, move in over the winter.

For growing in a pot, it is important to use a well-drained soil to avoid water stagnation that can damage the roots.

Within its natural climatic limits, the Natal plum is an evergreen shrub.


Sow the seeds in moist soil and cover with a 1 cm layer of soil. Place bright and keep the seed moist.


Lifespan: Perennial
Location: Sun / Partial shade / Shade
Height: 1-2 m
Germination Time: 2-4 weeks